Philosophy Queralt Stars

“the world is waiting for you to shine wearing Queralt Stars”    


Lao Tzu, famous Chinese writer and philosopher, said: even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. My father taught me this philosophy of life and that is how I started.

Step by step and with so much desire to be able to break into all my senses, between the world of the cinema, accomplishing, carrying out a dream I had hidden.

Step by step I started to recognize myself and thus transmit everything I want to be able to contribute to other people.

I believe in the karma of reincarnations and as in the universe that surrounds us, it is full of wonderful stars that shine, without a doubt, a motive.

So, step by step, I looked for the path to the spirit as a way of living spiritually and thus be very believing as I am, I found it in constant meditation and in silence.

The stars, if you stop to observe them you’ll see how much life lives in them, gifting us light which is equal to the soul’s eternity.
Step by step, I opened my magic box and thus made another wish.

Because if the stars shine in the sky without cease, why can’t we, humans, shine in the earth?

It is certainly what I created, a philosophy of life and living;
An impulse so to speak, that focus between, wisdom, light and freedom; that freedom that makes you react with all the love that your interior releases.

It is the root of that love that "QUERALT STARS" is born from.

Another dream come true, which is focused on giving to others.

It is a state of consciousness and a tool that we all must use to raise the frequency and of this planet, in which we all share.
That is also why QUERALT STARS is carefully cared to the smallest detail.

If you stop to observe a star in the sky, you will see that it is perfect and, so to speak, it is the perfection that I wanted to find and transmit with QUERALT STARS.

I consider myself a lover of life, a conqueror of the world and a warrior of light and the stars are part of that mystery that surrounds us in the whole world, where I will transport all this message of unlimited light and love.

We have started with a first distribution in Spain, the land that has seen me born, where I have my roots and a family that, in any decision I have made, has always supported me, give courage and be a guide of light.

Today Queralt Stars disembarks in the fascinating Italy, with a small point of pride, I must say from my heart, that it is like my second homeland.

I have been welcomed as an actor, for more than 15 years, working on a handful of Italian films and TV shows, whether they are comedies, dramas, action films, with castmates, who are great actors and now Italian friends with whom we have lived unforgettable moments.

The stars, as they seem too tiny, small dots in the wide sky, but that together form and conform the same thing.

They are magical and if you observe each of them carefully, has a different way of shining, but they all shine and all can be seen by humanity, from anywhere.

This has been my state, the: "life motive of Queralt Stars"

Remind the world that the stars that are up there are observing us, they look at us, protect us and enlighten us even in the darkest courses in our earthly lives.

It is a project, yes, ambitious, but at the same time to project and put into practice a phrase that our dear Mother Teresa of Calcutta says:
"That what we humans do, is only one drop in the ocean, but the "no" doing it, would be one less drop in this ocean.

Each one of those drops Queralt Stars will be in aid to a good cause and fundamental in the growth of this project.

QUERALT STARS will donate an annual "tod" of the profits of the company to the NPO "SONRISAS DE BOMBAY" settled between Barcelona and Bombay doing a colossal work since 2005 and an organization with more than 100 people working in India helping children and Women as a fundamental structure.

"Doing small things is important, because it makes me happier and I feel like a drop of this precious ocean that already illuminates the world."

“I never thought that someone would do something for me, but I did though, in what I could do for the rest." Jack Queralt